A Favorite New Song

As I mentioned yesterday, the AFLC Conference included lots of singing. Many of the songs used were familiar hymns, but others were more contemporary. I was unfamiliar with this one, but I love it. It’s based on this verse:

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10

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He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

My post yesterday reminded me of this song. I’m pretty sure I first learned it as a child in Sunday School. The author is actually unknown but it arose from the oral tradition of African Americans and has become widely known and loved. I hope you listening today will remind you of God’s dominion over all things.

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Jesus, the Rock

In a recent quote, I wrote about a phrase that popped out at me during my daily Bible reading:

“…that rock was Jesus.” 1 Corinthians 10:9

It brought a Christian song to my mind, one that we sometimes use on Via de Cristo retreat weekends. It’s a bit silly –it includes hand motions–but it’s good fun. Maybe you’ll enjoy it, too!.

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The Attributes of God

After church recently I was discussing hymnody with a group of friends. Martin Luther used it as a teaching tool for largely illiterate congregants. Well, these days most of us can read, but music is still a great way to learn. This hymn, “Immortal, invisible, God only Wise is a great example. It was written by Walter Chalmers Smith, a Free Church of Scotland minister, in 1867, and it gives us a clear picture of the attributes of God. Listen and learn!

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Don’t Praise Me

In yesterday’s post, I wrote a movie review (In His Steps) and mentioned that it included a song I really liked. The message is one we need to remember — whatever good results from our actions, we are only tools in the hands of God. He deserves all the praise.

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Come On In

My husband and I like country music, and we recently went to see the stage play, Always Patsy, which was based on the career of Patsy Cline. Every country singer worth their salt includes has some gospel music in their repertoire, and Patsy was not exception. At the performance we heard several, including Just a Closer Walk with Thee, How Great Thou Art, and the one I am going to share this morning — Come on In.

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God is Bigger

Recently I attended a Lutheran Via de Cristo retreat weekend. While there, I learned some new Christian songs. This one touched my heart. Whatever is going on in your life today, you can be sure that God is big enough to handle it for you!

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You Don’t Have to Wait for Gods’ Love!

I’m writing this shortly after returning from a Via de Cristo retreat weekend. There is always lots of singing on these retreats, and music is a powerful dynamic that helps the participants move into a closer relationship with Christ and with each other. This morning I thought I would share a song that was used that was new to me. It was the first song ever written by the band, We The Kingdom and was originally intended to touch the hearts of a group of high school students. Soon the band members realized that God was speaking to them as well. Listen this morning and bask in the reality of Gods’ love for you!

Grateful While Waiting

In one of the books I recently reviewed (It’s Not Your Turn by Heather Thompson Day–Book Review), the author said during a time of waiting, her therapist suggested she look around and then asked, “what do you see?” She saw that despite her frustrations, she had many blessings– a family, a place to live, transportation, and so on. It reminded me of this song. During times when we are waiting and praying for some blessing, it’s wise to consider what we already have. Listen and count your own blessings:

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Media Distinctio

Yesterday I posted about the medio distinctio — the pause in choral psalmody that allows those chanting to take a breath. Today, I thought it would be helpful to actually listen to that type of music. See if you can identify the pause, and think about how you might work short pauses into your own life — pauses that allow you to rest, to pray, to think, to wait for God’s timing.

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