Thy Will Be Done

‘”Thy will be done.’ For instance, when you wish, and by every means endeavor, to be well, and yet remaln ill–then say, ‘Thy will be done.’ When you undertake something, and your undertaking does not succeed, say, ‘Thy will be done.’ When you do good to others, and they repay you with evil, say, ‘Thy will be done.’ Or when you would like to sleep, and are overtaken by sleeplessness, say, ‘Thy will be done.’ In general, do not become irritated when anything is not done in accordance with your will, but learn to submit in everything to the Will of the Heavenly Father.”


This was part of my daily devotional reading for today, and it makes me see how attached I am to my own will, and the way I want things to be or to turn out. It’s hard to accept sickness or failure or discomfort. Often I feel like Job, questioning God about why these things are happening to me. As the quote says, I need to learn trust and acceptance. Maybe you do, too.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

How to Deal with Life’s Challenges

This is a quote from my daily devotional that seemed appropriate to the theme of the month, and also the Easter season.

“Choose but the will of God, and thou willest with His wisdom, thou choosest with Hiss all-perfect choice;  thou enterest into His counsels;  thou lovest with His love.  Be this our watch-word, brethren,  for the Church,  for those we love, for our own souls.  Be this our rule in action, ‘not what I will, but what Thou’;  this in suffering;  ‘not what I, but what Thou.’  This shall hallow our hopes;  this shall hush our fears;  this shall calm anxieties;  this (if so it must be) shall soothe our heart-aches;  this shall give repose to our weariness;  this, the deeper our trouble, shall be the deeper foretaste of everlasting peace and rest.  ‘Lord, not what I will, but what Thou’;  not what I, in my misery, and ignorance, and blindness, and sin, but what Thou, in Thy mercy, and holiness, and wisdom, and love.”

E.B. Pusey

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