Jesus I Come

We sang this hymn during our Ash Wednesday service, and it touched my heart. It is certainly appropriate for Lent, as it reminds us of how deep our sin is, and how gracious is the God who saved us.  It was evidently often used as a altar call and if you would like to know more about it, you can follow this link:

Listen and enjoy:


Just As I Am

The author of this hymn, Charlotte Elliot(1789-1871) suffered from a disabling disease in her 30’s.  Her spiritual advisor counseled her to turn her inner rage at her condition into trust and peace with God.  This led her to begin writing hymns.  The simple, yet powerful message of Just As I Am has appealed to many evangelists over the years and is often used for altar calls (Lutherans don’t do this – but it is a favorite communion hymn).  Enjoy it and bathe in God’s redemption and acceptance.