Kids Today

Anyone that has teenagers or younger kids probably knows that phones (as it were) are a big part of life. Back in my day . . . our phones were just that, phones. And they weren’t very portable. In fact a lot of them still mounted to the wall. And then there were those that sat on the counter. Still you were limited to the distance of the cord.

But I acquiesce, now its different. There is a world of information at your fingertips. Some good, some bad. Lately I’ve noticed a good trend, a musical one. Many of the games are based on a music. And the music that plays is largely classical. As they tap on the screen in time with the tune they’re immersed in wordless melodies. I think its a wonderful way to re-introduce our next generation to something besides glamour based hip hop. (Not that I haven’t indulged myself on  occasion.) But there is study after study that shows how classical music in particular, has various benefits to our human brains.

Do I know the science of it? Absolutely not. But I know that when I listen to music, something happens. There’s always at least an emotional reaction, and often if it hits home, I get literal chills. Y’all know what I mean right? Everybody has felt it. Everybody has that one song. That has to be God given.

And we may never know why exactly, but God seems to have given us this beautiful gift not solely for entertainment, but in part at least to inspire, and heal. In fact music is so important to God, He created Psalms. A large collection of music mostly written by a beloved warrior king. (I’d love to be able to go back in time to hear how they were originally meant to be heard.)

So while kids today have it pretty good, and technology is scary, God will always want to share His wonders with His children. And that’s pretty cool.

More Just for Lutheran Fun

I also sang this silly song in Luther League years ago?  Who else remembers it?  We want to hear from you.



At Concordia University Chicago (or River Forest to us old-timers), we used to sing this silly little rhyme about Luther:

Good ol’ Marty Luther,
Good ol’ Marty Luther,
I think the Reformation’s grand!
With his five and ninety theses,
He tore the Pope to pieces,
And made me who I am! LCMS!

In looking for the lyrics online, I found a different version that reads similar:

I love Martin Luther,
Good old Martin Luther,
I think the Reformation’s grand!
His five and ninety theses,
They tore the Pope to pieces,
Now on the solid rock I stand!

At the time, it was a silly joke to us about being Lutheran.  I was Lutheran because that’s what I grew up, not because I cared about what they taught more than any other church.  As I’ve spent more time in ministry, I’ve come to appreciate the gifts that Luther brought to…

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Michelangelo on the Resurrection

“Why do you (fellow painters) keep filling gallery after gallery with endless pictures of the one ever-reiterated theme of Christ in weakness, of Christ upon the cross, Christ dying, Christ hanging dead? Why do you stop there as if the curtain closed upon that horror?  Keep the curtain open, and with the cross in the foreground let us see beyond it to the Easter dawn with its beams streaming upon the risen Christ, Christ alive, Christ ruling, Christ triumphant.

For we should be ringing out over the world that Christ has won, that evil is toppling, that the end is sure, that death is followed by victory.  That is the tonic we need to keep us healthy, the trumpet blast to fire our blood and send us crowding in behind our Master, swinging happily upon our way, laughing and singing and recklessly unafraid, because the feel of victory is in the air, and our hearts thrill to it.”