Walking the Bible–Film Review

This documentary is intended to be a companion to the book by Bruce Feiler with the same name. I read it years ago. The author embarks on a 10,000 mile journey, visiting locations where some of the stories of the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible) took place. He travels to Mesopotamia to imagine scenes from Genesis; to Egypt to follow the path of Joseph; and finally, to the Sinai Desert where the Israelites wander for forty long years. Readings from the Scripture are interspersed throughout.

As part of his adventure, Feiler meets and consults with a variety of experts to gain answers to his archaeological and scientific questions. However, along the way his journey becomes more of a spiritual quest. Seeing the land brings the Bible to life for him, and he realizes that the important thing is not the destination — it is the journey itself, the opportunity to grow closer to God. The stories are not just ancient history, they teach universal truths that are still relevant to us today.

VERDICT: 4 STARS. Even if you know a lot about the Bible and the evidence of archaeology, you’re sure to learn something. I did!

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