Big and Little Activity Devotional by Rachel Swanson–Review

This activity devotional written by Rachel Swanson and illustrated by Jacy Corral has a unique and creative format.  In the form of a pad, with the binding at the top, the book can be opened out flat and placed on a table so that a child and adult can each do an activity while facing one another.  When used in this way, one page has an activity geared toward the youngster, the other page has a similar, but more difficult version for the adult.  At the bottom of the child’s page, there is a Bible verse;  at the bottom of the adult’s there is a short reading and questions for both age groups.

It includes word searches, coloring pages, mazes, crosswords, scrambled words and more. There are stories from both Old and New Testaments.  Answers to the various puzzles are at the back of the book.

I can imagine this working well, especially with children who have difficulty simply sitting still and listening.  For some of us, busy hands quiet the mind and allow us to focus!  I think it would be best suited for older elementary age students.

VERDICT:  5 Stars.  Very original.

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The Lutheran Ladies received a free copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review.  Disclaimer pursuant to FTC 16 CFR part 255.