Who Will Play With Me by Randall Goodgame–Book Review

In size, illustration and presentation, Who Will Play with Me? reminds me of the many Dr. Suess books my children loved as preschoolers.  It’s just the right length for a read aloud book for this age group, and the winsome characters (Slug and Bug) will inspire interest and amusement.

Not overtly Christian, the story encourages children to be kind and put others first.  It also points how our diversity as individuals helps us to accomplish more together.  All of our traits are worthy and useful in different situations.   The book ends with a quote from Philippians 2:3:

“In humility, value others above yourselves.”

The author, Randall Goodgame is the well-known creator of Slugs and Bugs music and you can visit SlugsandBugs.com to find more of his products.

VERDICT:  Overall, this looks like a fun, cute book for young children.  My only criticism is the rhyming dialog seemed a bit forced, and lacked bounce.  I give it a 4.

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Why God? by Dan Dewitt–Book Review

Thomas is a little boy who loves to ask questions. In this book, Dr. Dan Dewitt, a professor of theology and apologetics, attempts to answer some big questions in a simple way that can be understood by elementary aged children.

Thomas asks his mother, “Why do we believe in God?” and “How did the world get broken?”  The answer is that God created everything, and in His amazingly perfect creation we see clues to the goodness and power of the Creator.  Through sin (disobedience to God) that perfection was damaged — but in our hearts we find more clues that point us back to the Source of all goodness.

The book is colorfully illustrated, and includes a “parent connection” page at the back with some suggested Bible verses, discussion points and questions.  It could easily be used as a Sunday School lesson.

VERDICT:  4 Stars.  It’s very basic, but would make a good starting point to a discussion with children about why we believe in God.

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Why God?

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Easter is Coming!–Book Review

Kudos to both author, Tama Fortner, and illustrator, Wazza Pink, on this lovely new children’s book.  The artwork is colorful and lively.  The text is easy to follow, and the repetitive phrase, “Easter is Coming!” will excite and engage young listeners.  This padded board book  looks sturdy enough to withstand years of handling.

Easter Is Coming! (padded)

Best of all, Ms. Fortner does an excellent job of connecting the stories of the Old Testament (beginning with Adam and Eve) to God’s plan of salvation.  Throughout history, no matter what is happening, God is in the mix and Easter is coming!  The story of the world is God’s story and He knows and uses everything for his ultimate purpose.

VERDICT:  5 stars!  A must-have for church and personal nursery libraries.

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Easter Is Coming! (padded)

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GraceFull by Dorena Williamson — Book Review

This is the third in a series of books for children authored by Dorena Williamson.  Like its  predecessors, ColorFull  and ThoughtFull, it has bright illustrations and a solid Christian message.

Hope and her family (who attend an ethnically diverse congregation) volunteer to serve the residents of Chen House, a local residence for homeless families.  Hope’s mother explains that this is a way to show God’s grace to others.  She explains:

“God showers blessings on all of us.  When we truly understand that, we can’t help but share grace and lift others up. … When grace is full and overflowing, we are graceFull. “

Hope takes the lesson to heart and shares by giving her new friend Anna Habib, from Chen House, her new pair of rain boots.  The Habibs are eventually able to move into their own home.


Grace is a difficult concept to explain to young children, and Gracefull does not really attempt to define it,  Instead it presents a portrait of how grace can be shown in daily life.  A suggested memory verse, further Bible reading and thought questions are included at the end of the story.

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first two, because the illustrations were not as engaging , and I found the story line predictable and unexceptional.  However, I give it 4 out of 5 stars.  It would be a worthwhile addition to a nursery library.

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The Silent Noisy Night by Jill Roman Lord — Book Review

Was the night Jesus was born really silent?  Since this blessed event occurred in a stable, the odds are, it was filled with quite a variety of animal and human noise.

The Silent Noisy Night (padded)This sturdy, colorful board book will delight both parents and small children.  Illustrated by Kelly Breemer, cows, horses, goats, donkeys, chickens and more parade across the pages along with their appropriate sounds.  I can easily picture myself reading it with my new granddaughter-to-be next Christmas.  It’s a bit short on details of the Biblical Christmas story, but for toddlers, it could serve as a nice introduction on which to build in subsequent years.

VERDICT:  I would recommend this book to parents of very young children and give it 4 stars!

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Who’s Your Daddy? by Lisa and Missy Harper — Book Review

Father to the fatherless, defender of widows–this is God, whose dwelling is holy.  God places the lonely in families.  Psalm 68:5

In today’s society, many children experience the pain of broken homes and missing parents.  This book gently explains to young children how even those without a “skin daddy” have an awesome Father God in Heaven.  Based on the true experience of the authors, Lisa and Missy Harper, it tells the story of Missy, from Haiti.  Her biological mother, Marie, is dead, and she has been adopted by a single mother.  The book addresses situations such as death, divorce, grief, absent parents and adoption in terms that are easy to understand, and most importantly tells children, “you don’t have to figure it all out now.”

The illustrations are bright and attractive, and the book includes Bible verses, questions and further reading for use by parents and teachers.  It offers a way to begin discussions with children about some difficult issues.

Verdict:  I give this book five stars.  Go to this link if you’re interested in purchasing it:




Who Sang the First Song by Ellie Holcomb — Book Review

This delightful little book was written by Ellie Holcomb, a musician who began her career touring with the Americana band, Drew Holcomb (her husband) and the Neighbors.  She was named Best New Artist at the 2014 Dove Awards.  Maybe some of her music could be reviewed on an upcoming post?  Beth Ann?

At any rate, this children’s book combines Ellie’s love for music with thoughts of God and His creation.  Who sang the first song?  Was it in the wind?  The waves?  The roar of the lion? Of course, we learn that the original singer was God Himself, who as Ellie says, “He wrote His song into everything.”  Everyone of us, and all of God’s beloved world are invited to make a joyful noise, because we were made to sing.

I enjoyed the fanciful illustrations(thank you Kayla Harren) and the brief, but inspiring text, and I think young children would enjoy this book as well.  A copy is definitely going on the Christmas list for my yet-to-be-born granddaughter, Hailey!

I give this book five stars!  If you want to purchase it, you can go to the following link: