Scrappy Church – Book Review

“Is your church dying from self-inflicted wounds?”


“Leading a church would be a lot easier if we didn’t have to deal with people”


“A God powered minority”


“God did not put the church at that address by mistake, there is a plan”


“Cultural Christianity is dead”


These are just a few of my most thought-provoking quotes from the book by Thom Ranier. Scrappy Church is not for the faint of heart. It gives a thorough review of all things that may be driving your church to extinction.


Author of over 20 books dealing with church health, Mr. Ranier gives an honest look through the eyes of members, leaders, and visitors to show how a church can kill itself without even realizing it. But he does not leave you hanging on for dear life. He also gives a blueprint for preparation to turn the church around, I will briefly overview this blueprint later.


He gives the main characteristics of a church to become “Scrappy”, focusing on prayer as one of the main and most important items. He tells us to remain positive, partner with other churches in the area and do not consider them the enemy, and focus on outreach.


Under his blueprint for preparation, Mr. Ranier lists three different areas to work on: Outward Deluge, Welcome Readiness, and Backdoor Closure. None of these points can be met honestly until the church undergoes an “Attitude Adjustment”. And it is not just the members, but also the leaders and even the Pastor that need to take part in this step. These three items focus on the structure of the church as a welcoming body of Christ.


I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it as a read to build or even maintain the health of your church.

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Worship Essentials – Book Review

Song is an important part of our worship as a congregation. In this book, Mike Harland (the author), explains how praising and worshiping God is referred to throughout scripture. We are told that the followers of Christ sang Psalms, hymns and praises to the Lord. Worshiping through music is a time-honored tradition that Christians have used for over 2000 years.


Lately, the church has become a house divided.


Where did it go wrong?


The author makes a great point that instead of integrating the newer music into our services, we have divided into traditional and contemporary or praise services. This has now created a congregational divide, or a generational gap, which is completely contrary to biblical teaching.


The author uses sound theological examples to explain the importance of all generations worshipping together.


The reason we attend church is to worship God and show gratitude for the blessings we have received all week long, not a building we go to once a week to get our fill up of God.  We should use music for the same thing. To give praise and thanks to God, not for an emotional appeal but for a spiritual awakening.


I believe that the author has used his personal experiences and biblical knowledge to help guide today’s churches to not be music exclusive but to be musically inclusive in their ministry.


I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and feel most people would receive benefits from reading it.


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