A Communion Hymn

Does your congregation sing during the distribution of Communion? It’s a common practice among Lutherans. Recently the church I attended used this hymn for that purpose. It was written by Friedrich C. Heyder (1677-1754), who was born in Merseburg, Germany. He was a deacon there, and later became a pastor. This hymn is highly regarded as a catechetical tool (in other words, it teaches us). Listen and reflect upon the meaning of the Sacrament of Communion in your own life.

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I Am The Bread of Life

Mercy Sister Suzanne Tolan wrote this beautiful hymn, “I Am the Bread of Life” in 1966.  I have often heard it used as a communion hymn, for obvious reasons.  She was one of the first composers to write music in English for the Catholic Church after Vatican II.  She has also authored a book by the same title about her ministry in music and prayer (I haven’t read it yet, but maybe I will this month.)