New Month/New Theme

The topic for this month is Spiritual Gifts. We speak about them fairly often in conversation in the church, but do we really understand what spiritual gifts are and how to use them?

According to the “Fanning the Flame” workbook, spiritual gifts are special abilities given to us by the Holy Spirit when we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. They include many different abilities, such as Service, Teaching, Hospitality, Mercy, Leadership, and more. Every believer is endowed with one or more of these gifts, and it is our duty to use these gifts for the edification of and service to the Body of Christ.

What spiritual gifts have you seen in those around you and in what ways have they used these gifts in service to God? Does anyone have recommendations for those seeking to find their spiritual gifts? And, once they find their gift, how should they use them in the community? I am hoping that this month might be an avenue to discuss how different gifts can be used effectively in the world, and maybe give us some ideas on how to be most productive in our attempts to give glory to the Lord.

Happy Blogging Ladies!!!