A Holy Pursuit by Dianne Jago–Book Review

I’m known in my congregation as “the woman with a thousand ideas” so a book about dreaming really attracted my attention.  If you distill the content of A Holy Pursuit down to its’ foundation, you will be left with this question:  “What is the biblical approach to dreaming and how do we know if our dream is in God’s will?

Although Dianne Jago contends it’s fine to have dreams, we must hold them loosely and examine them carefully.  Her stated purpose is:

“…. to remind you of who you are in Christ first and then to encourage you to use the truth and hope of the gospel when pursuing a dream.”

We all have gifts and talents given by God, but we must keep in mind the reason gifts are given:  to build up the body of Christ.  Our dreams are not worthy if they are fueled by selfish ambition or if they are not used to glorify God and encourage His people.  There are also times in every life when we must put others first:  our spouse, our children, our congregation.  Our dream should not render us unable to fulfill our primary responsibilities. In fact, in the final analysis, the pursuit of God is our dream!  Knowing and serving Him is the greatest thing we will ever accomplish.

Here are some of the questions the author suggests we ask ourselves about any dream:

  • What does my personal walk with God look like right now? (this should have priority)
  • Does this dream line up with biblical standards for Christian living?
  • What are my motives for pursuing this dream?
  • What season of life am I in right now?
  • Have I sought counsel in this?
  • What logistics are required to make this dream happen?

In the course of reading this book, you will learn about Dianne’s own dreams– which ones worked out and which ones didn’t.  She is careful to say that every person’s circumstances are different and there are no pat answers to determine what dream is appropriate for any individual.

VERDICT:  FOUR STARS.  As an encourager, I found it to be more of a cautionary tale than a motivator.  However, the advice given is both biblical and practical.  It is a good source of information for all Christian dreamers.

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The Lutheran Ladies received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.  Disclaimer pursuant to FTC 16 CFR part 255.