Recovered by Robby Gallaty–Book Review

Robby Gallaty has quite a story.  He played college basketball, performed as a magician, learned Brazilian Jiujitsu, worked as a bartender-comedian and became a hard-core drug addict.  He and his wife lost everything during Hurricane Katrina.  He’s also (now) a committed Christian and a pastor. He learned through his experiences that “faith was not about my strength, but God’s.”

Rob came from a loving, Catholic family who supported him through all his enthusiasms, and continued to care for and help him when he became addicted to opioids.  However, their understanding of Christ was superficial;  they attended church as a duty, tried to be “good people” and knew little about the Bible.  We all know there are folks like this in every denomination.  When Robby traded in his addiction to drugs for addiction to God, he was eventually able to bring his father, mother and sister along with him into a close, personal relationship with their Savior.

Gallaty’s testimony is authentic and will touch the heart of many readers.  My issue is not with his experience, but his theology.  There was an implication that Catholics as a group, need to be “converted.”  Infant baptism is discounted as meaningless, as all must be baptized as adults in order to “accept” Jesus and be saved.  Sermons include an “invitation” to come forward and pray the sinner’s prayer (sorry, if baptism does not save you, neither does repeating this prayer).  All of these ideas are in opposition to what I have been taught  as a Lutheran.  I believe that I did not choose God, He chose me:  I have been saved by His grace, not through any work or decision of my own.

VERDICT:  I give this book 3 stars, because of the theological issues.

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I actually enjoyed these books as the focus was on Christian growth, an area where the Gallatys and I have substantial agreement.

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