Hymns for a Funeral

What hymns would you like people to sing at your funeral? My husband, a pastor, says when he asks people if their loved one had a favorite hymn, or if a particular hymn would be comforting to the family, they have no clue. Maybe this is something we should be talking about or choosing ahead of time. But how to choose?

Some people may have a hymn they associate with a special event — their confirmation, or wedding for example. Others may love a hymn that brings back memories of their childhood, one that was a favorite with their family or home church.

Most hymnals (at least the Lutheran ones I am familiar with) have a section listing hymns that are appropriate for funerals. Here are a few I found listed:

*Abide with Me

*I’m but a Stranger Here

*For All the Saints

*I Know That My Redeemer Lives

*I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb

*The King of Love My Shepherd Is

Almost any Easter hymn would be a good selection. There are many suitable contemporary songs as well. Here are the songs I have selected:

Borning Cry (Because I know God has been with me throughout my entire life)

Hark the Voice of Jesus Calling (this is the one I consider my life hymn – it inspired and motivated me) This should be the sermon hymn.

Til we Meet Again (My wish is that I will meet everyone who is mourning me at my funeral again and that right now I am meeting many loved ones and saints who have gone before)

There is no right or wrong choice but make it meaningful. Again, this is a final chance to testify about your faith and what it has meant to you. Talk to your loved ones or write out some instructions. They’ll be glad you did.

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My Life Hymn

This is in response to Michele’s  challenge to post the song or hymn that moves us most.  It’s hard to choose, and I’m sure this month I’ll be posting others, but this one has been a favorite for a long time, and it speaks to me and calls me to Christian action. At times it brings tears to my eyes.  It actually has a very similar them to “Here I Am” which was Michele’s pick.  I’ve talked before about my life verse, so I guess I’d say this is my life hymn.