New Month/No Theme

Can you believe it’s February already? Hopefully the worst of the winter is behind us. It’s staying light longer. If you’re anything like me, that gives adds a bit of energy to my step and my life in general.

This will be a no theme month — which doesn’t mean there are not themes to be explored. Valentine’s Day is this month — that makes me think about love in all its’ many forms.

Ash Wednesday and Lent are coming. Always a time for introspection, confession and honest evaluation of our lives.

Of course, who knows where the Spirit will lead. As usual, I’ll be reading, studying, attending church services, and other events. God speaks through all of our activities and I see His fingerprints everywhere I go.

Journey with me this month as we let God surprise us — maybe some of my fellow bloggers will jump in and surprise me as well!

God loves you and so do I!

New Month/No Theme

It’s February, and this month there will be no particular theme. Instead, I will be relying upon the Holy Spirit to guide me, and that always leads to an adventure!

Of course, as usual I’ll be looking for quotes, music and prayers that inspire. I’m an avid reader, so I’m sure there will be some book reviews and recommendations. I’ll clue you in on what I’m studying. Maybe we’ll even be blessed by some posts by other authors.

Keep the world in your prayers as we navigate the continuing presence of COVID in our lives and remember — God loves you and so do I! It’s still winter, but Spring is coming!