New Month – No Theme

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is already November. This month, the writers will delve into any topic they desire with no theme.

As we are nearing the end of the year, it is hard to believe that our lives have son significantly changed since March.

What changes have you gone through, what new or relived ideals are now a part of your life?

I realized that my life focus was totally skewed from where it needed to be.

What are your thoughts? Let me know, I am interested.

God Loves You And So Do I


Younique by Will Mancini–Book Review

First of all, two warnings!

  1.  Don’t imagine this book to be a quick read
  2.  Don’t imagine you will be only reading a book

The subtitle of this book by Will Mancini is “Designing the Life that God Dreamed for You.”  In essence, it is a very detailed method of evaluating your life, talents, interests, personality, dreams, etc.  and coming up with a plan …. or plans… for 90 days, 3 years, and more.  Of course, there are times for review and revision along the way.  A yearly retreat is recommended, as well as quarterly “how am I doing” check-ups.

There is a wealth of good information and advice, and many interesting exercises for the reader to try.  I did a number, and if you are interested to can refer to these other posts:

L. A. T. C. H. On To Your Core Values

Bulls Eye!

Some of them were definitely interesting and informative.  It did encourage me to think about and articulate some short and longer term goals for different areas of my life.

Here’s my issue with the book:  many people will find it too time consuming and difficult to work through.  Mancini was an engineer at one time and it shows.  He has created a tool that covers just about every facet of life.  For example, at one point he says about an exercise:

“…. name four primary roles for each of your four storylines, then define three secondary roles for each primary role …. In the end, you’ll have forty-eight roles that together describe the manifold ways you relate to the world.”

I’m very motivated when it comes to self discovery, but 48 roles just felt too daunting to contemplate!

The book also in many places directs you to resources and courses available at Some of the resources can be downloaded for free, others you must pay for.  This made me feel that the book was designed to sell me additional products.

VERDICT:  I give it three stars.  If you are person who is motivated and interested in detailed planning, it may be right up your alley — but it’s not for most.

If you would like to purchase this book, follow the link below:

The Lutheran Ladies received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.  Disclaimer pursuant to FTC 16 CFR Part 255







What Am I Here For?

The very first talk on a Lutheran Via de Cristo weekend is called “Ideal.”  The premise of the talk is that everyone has an ideal in life;  a goal they are aiming toward.  It’s this goal that gives life meaning.

Now, we can have a good ideal (living to serve others) or a bad one (the one who dies with the most expensive “toys” wins).  We can have a realistic ideal (owning our own home or business) or an unrealistic ideal (becoming the queen of England). We can devote ourselves to a false ideal (such as a political party or candidate) and be devastated when it proves to be disappointing.  The big problem is we often fool ourselves and fail to recognize and admit what our ideal really is.  For example, I may tell myself I am working 60 hours a week in order to support my family (a laudable goal) when what I actually desire is just more money to spend on luxuries, or the admiration of others.

The talk ends with some practical advice I’m going to share with you.  Examine your checkbook and your calendar.  Look hard at how you are spending your money and your time.  Remember, we all find the money and the time to do the things we really want to do.  So, does your stewardship of these things reveal an ideal worthy of a disciple of Christ?  Or does it show you something else?  What is your true ideal?