When God Waits

I found this recently, going through some information I have used when training Via De Cristo teams.The author is Rober C. Palms — I know nothing about him, and I don’t remember where or how I received this short meditation, but It is meaningful to me, and I hope it will touch your heart also.

I love you.

We say it to our children as we take them into our arms. “I love you!”

It is a different love — our love for our children, God’s love for us.

When God says, “I love you,” it is a giving love, a forgiving love. Only God has the ultimate forgiving love because only God knows the full dimension of our need for forgiveness. We cannot know that ourselves — we aren’t big enough.

We are like children before God, but that’s acceptable. Jesus told us to “become as little children” (Matthew 18:31). We need to be loved, we want to be loved, and that’s ok too–God created us with that need. God placed in us needs that only He can satisfy. All other forms of love are at best, reflections of His greater love.

“I love you,” God calls.

We might argue back, “No, You don’t because if you did ….”

“I love you,” God calls.

We sometimes respond, “How could You! I don’t even love myself.”

“I love you,” God says.

And we reply, “Prove it.”

“I love you, “God says, “because I do know you and I do understand you, and I have proved it to you.”

“I love you,” God says again.

And then He waits. The next word to be spoken is ours

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