Walking With Jesus–Devotion #4

Make a list of things you would take in a backpack if you were going on a long hike. What did you come up with? Probably things like water, food, first aid kit, bug repellent, blanket and so on. All of these things and others you thought of will keep you in good shape and get you safely to your destination.

It’s like that in our “walk with Jesus.” As we move through life, God gives us a whole lot of help so that we can reach our eternal destination with Him safely.

Our baptism gives us a spiritual knapsack full of good things earned for us through the suffering, death and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus. For example:

*Forgiveness for our guilt and sin

*Love for times we feel unloved or do unloving things

*Hope when we feel like we won’t make it

*Peace when we are in turmol

*Joy when we are sad

We simply need to remember to use and rely on the helps God has given us for our walk. They will not help if we leave them in our pack or at home when we go walking through life.

*Think of a song you can whistle or sing on your walk with God that will remind you of the ways He helps you along your walk — maybe “What a Friend We Have In Jesus.”

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