Pathways by Tony Evans — Book Review

In this book, Pastor Tony Evans explains the doctrines of God’s sovereignty and God’s providence through a study of the book of Esther.  Some Christians dislike this book because God is never mentioned.  Martin Luther went so far as to say::

“I am so great an enemy to the second book of the Maccabees, and to Esther, that I wish they had not come to us at all…”

However, I choose to believe that if God allowed Esther to be included, there is a reason it will edify us.  Tony Evans says that although God is not mentioned in this book, his “fingerprints” are all over it. God is constantly at work behind the scenes, bringing His plan to fruition in His timing.  Maybe it’s meant to appeal to those of us who have a more intuitive nature.

Some of my take-aways were:

  1. God is always in control and His plans cannot be thwarted
  2. God blesses you so that you may become a blessing to others
  3. Faith is risky
  4. You will encounter spiritual roadblocks and trials
  5. It is our responsibility to live with the right perspective, and align ourselves with God’s plans, waiting for His timing and directionPathways

How do we accomplish #5?

“Study the word of God to obey it, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.”

Overall, I enjoyed the book and found it to be an easy read.  There were a few statements I found slightly questionable as a Lutheran (Evans is a Baptist), but I was generally in agreement with his reading of Esther.  I learned a few things about the book (such as exactly where it falls in the biblical timeline).  At the end there is an appendix listing scripture verses on the topic of sovereignty, and also information on Evans’ ministry, The Urban Alternative.  He did rely on many sports analogies which may be appealing to men (forgive me if this is an incredibly sexist statement).

Verdict:  4 stars.  And ladies, if you are looking for a biblical role model, Esther would make an excellent choice!

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All Life is Precious

jeremiah 1,15Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday and many people have spent the whole week in Washington, D.C. rallying for the right to life.

Personally, I don’t think that Roe vs. Wade will ever be overturned, that is just my opinion. But, I think that we, as a people, need to express our thoughts on life and make them known to those around us.  We need to let others know about how God created this earth and the people on it and as part of God’s creation, All Life is Precious.

It’s not just abortion.  There are issues with child and elder abuse, and assisted suicide.  None of these issues are new.  Abuse of all kinds have existed for years and years.  The sin in this world has tried to tear us apart in so many different ways.

Our thoughts must center on the belief that God is sovereign and that he has a plan.   Every life matters to him.  He knows each of us and what we are capable of  doing during our time on earth.

Each of us is called to live our lives with love and acceptance of all people.  Each person, each child has a life that God has called them to.  We can hate the sin that is prevalent in everyone’s life, but we must look beyond that to love all that God has created.  Anger and hate has no place in this discussion, just determination to show how God loves all of us and has created us to be who we are.

You were not a mistake and neither is any child that is conceived.  All of God’s children need to be brought up with love, although I know that in this world that may not be possible.  Sickness and pain permeates our existence, but God is in control and we should never try to take that control away from Him.  Instead, we should look to the Sovereign God for direction and help.