Spiritual Gifts by Neal R. Boese–Book Review

This book was loaned to me by one of our FTF team members when I met with her to do her spiritual gift assessment.  Frankly, I didn’t expect to learn anything new, as I have read many books about spiritual gifts over the years.  However, I did!  God always has something new to teach us, and we should never think “I know it all!” about any Biblical topic.

Spiritual Gifts: The Power That Drives the Congregation

The author, Neal Boese, is a Lutheran pastor who believes that the lack of focus on spiritual gifts has been a significant factor in the apathy affecting many congregations today and also the burnout of church leaders.  The book is subtitled:  The Power that Drives You and the Congregation.  In other words, ignoring our spiritual gifts is like pushing our automobile along the freeway instead of turning on the motor!  Many congregations are simply not tapping into the power available through the many different gifts of the members!  He says,

” Congregations are storehouses of power waiting to be mobilized and unleashed.  What a difference it would make in congregations if they truly believed in gifts and worked to understand and use them.”

Pastor Boese reviews the theological basis for gifts, provides definitions and summaries of each gift, and offers many personal examples of how he has seen spiritual gifts change the lives and ministries of people he has met.  I was especially interested in his chapter on implementation which described a plan for making spiritual gifts a focus of the congregation.

Verdict:  If you don’t know much about spiritual gifts, you’ll learn the basics;  if you already have that information, you’ll learn how to develop a plan for raising the consciousness of your congregation about spiritual gifts.  I’m definitely planning to pass this book along to my husband (our pastor).