Freedom In Prayer

“If you have any trial which seems intolerable, pray,–pray that it be relieved or changed.  There is no harm in that.  We may pray for anything, not wrong in itself with perfect freedom, if we do not pray selfishly.  One disabled from duty by sickness may pray for health, that he may do his work;  or one hemmed in by internal impediments may pray for utterance, that he may serve better the truth and the right.  Or, if we have a besetting sin, we may pray to be delivered from it, in order to serve God and man, and not be ourselves Satans to mislead and destroy.  But the answer to the prayer may be as it was to Paul, not removal of the thorn, but, instead a growing insight into its meaning and value.  The voice of God in our soul may show us, as we look up to Him, that His strength is enough to enable us to bear it.”

James Freeman Clarke (April 4, 1810 – June 8, 1888)  American theologian and author

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