Sinclair Ferguson and Union with Christ

The material for our Bible study class on union with Christ includes a series of videos. The speaker is Sinclair Feguson (born 21 February 1948), who is a Scottish theologian known in Reformed circles for his teaching, writing, and editorial work. He has been Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary since 2017. Here is one of his quotes:

The knowledge of our union with Christ…gives us confidence in prayer. It was when Jesus had begun to expound the closeness of this union that he also began to introduce the disciples to the true heart of prayer. If Christ abides in us and we abide in him, as his word dwells in us, and we pray in his name, that God hears us (Jn 15:4-7). But all of these expressions are simply extensions of the one fundamental idea: If I am united to Christ, then all that is his is mine. So long as my heart, will and mind are one with Christ’s in his word, I can approach God with the humble confidence that my prayers will be heard and answered.

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A Field Guide on False Teaching — Book Review

Some months ago, my husband and I attended a conference sponsored by Ligonier Ministries (#Ligcon). Each participant received, among other things, a copy of this small book on false teaching. Later my husband taught a class using it as the text.

It’s divided into three parts:

  1. False Teaching (within the Church)
  2. Cults (Mormonism, Christian Science and Jehovah’s Witnesses)
  3. False religions and worldviews (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and more)

Each section includes a brief history and list of the false beliefs; the key figures who popularized it; how it strays from biblical Christianity and suggestions about how to share the gospel with people who have become entangled in it

It’s short and concise, giving readers an overview of each heresy. As Christians we are called to understand and defend our faith. This is becoming increasingly important in our diverse society. If you feel unprepared or uninformed about false teaching, this book is a good place to start.

You can purchase it directly from Ligonier by following the link below:

You can also order it from Amazon as a kindle e-book.


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