Martin Luther on the Apocryphal Book of Tobit

We’ve been studying the Apocrypha in Sunday School, and I posted previously on what the apocrypha is What is the Apocrypha?.  I came across this quote from Martin Luther about the book of Tobit, and thought our readers might find it of interest, as I did.   Evidentally Luther found some moral value in this book, remembering, of course, that the Apocrypha is not Scripture.

Tobit shows how things may go badly with a pious peasant or townsman, and there may be suffering in married life, yet God always graciously helps and finally crowns the outcome with joy, in order that married folk should learn to have patience and, in genuine fear of God and firm faith, put up gladly with all sorts of hardships because they have hope.” (Martin Luther in his Preface to the Book of Tobit)

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Martin Luther on Married Love

“The first love is drunken.  When the intoxication wears off, then comes real marriage love.”

Martin Luther

Which kinds of love is Luther talking about?  Eros and then agape? storge?  philia??  Or is married love really a combination of all of these?  We feel different sorts of love for each other at different times?