God is Hope by Amy Parker–Book Review

God Is Hope (God Is Series)

This sturdy board book is intended for toddlers up to age three. The illustrations by Chris Saunders are lovely and include many pictures of familiar animals and birds that youngsters will enjoy identifying. The message that God’s hope is all around us is an important one, and there is a reinforcing Bible verse at the end.

However, I do have some qualms about the book. The size (8″ x 8″) is a bit large for young children to handle easily. In addition the concepts presented are way beyond the understanding of children this age. They think concretely and comparing hope to the sunrise or the onset of Spring will not make sense to them.

My husband, who is a pastor, also pointed out the fact that God is not hope — rather, God gives us hope. Again, a distinction that will be beyond young children.

VERDICT: 2 STARS. Purchase it for the pretty pictures, not the theological content.

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