I Can Only Imagine by Bart Millard — Book Review

This book for children was inspired by the hit song of the same name by MercyMe. The author, Bart Millard, is one of the founding members of this contemporary Christian band. In it a little boy imagines what it will be like to see Jesus face to face and live with Him forever. Will there be yummy food? Will there be sports and swing sets? Does God like ice cream? Are there pets? These questions cannot be answered right now, only imagined.

Some things, of course, are certain. In heaven each day will be happy because we’ll be with the God who knows and loves us. Best of all, we don’t have to wait to spend time with God because His Spirit is in us right now!

The illustrations by Sumiti Collina are bright and attractive Children will be engaged and encouraged to share their own imaginings about heaven and what it will be like.


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I Can Only Imagine

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I Can Only Imagine

I just finished watching the movie, I Can Only Imagine.  I don’t think it’s an accident that the next adult Sunday School lesson I’ll be teaching is from the book of Romans and titled “The Transformed Life.” God does that to me all the time! Bart Miller’s story is one of transformation, redemption, forgiveness, hope and most of all music.  His father was abusive and angry, his mother left, and for young Bart, music anchored him, lifted him up, and gave him a dream.  I won’t say more, because you should see this film for yourself.  You’ve probably heard the song, but it’s worth another listen: