Contractual . . .

Hosea 13:4-6

“Yet I have been the LORD your God Since the land of Egypt; And you were not to know any god except Me, For there is no savior besides Me. I cared for you in the wilderness, In the land of drought. As they had their pasture, they became satisfied, And being satisfied, their heart became proud; Therefore they forgot Me.”

I read, ‘ . . . And being satisfied, their heart became proud; therefore they forgot Me.” And I think that Christians need to remember those words. Not because we need to tell others about the words of warning God spoke, but because Christians need to warn each other. God makes a promise and we all know he’ll keep it. We certainly balk if we feel he hasn’t or won’t; yet how easily we forget that long ago we agreed to uphold our part of a binding contract.

We are a government, people, society, even world of contracts. Paper work to verify other paper work to ensure promise of words written and said in processes of purchases, acquisitions, and agreements of all kinds. And we have laws that force any who would dare usurp such paperwork as this.

How hypocritical we all are. Christians descended of Jews who are descended of Abraham, Father of nations made a promise. To follow God, worship only Him, and to do so by obeying His will. Which, I might add, only looks to provide us the best and safest option. In other words, His will would never wish His people harm or leave us wanting. Yet we’ve strayed, and forgotten over and over that our God loves us and that we also made a promise. We have grown comfortable by the blessings He gives and in our comfort and satisfaction we forget who gives it. We think it must have been our own doing. That the ‘stars aligned’ and all our efforts came to bear fruit of prosperity and peace. But from where did we get the money? A job, the employer, the company, a city, the state, country; have all those things including the political web of red tape and regulations, with the world chess pieces of military power all been a product of our own hand?

God might ask us as He did Job if we laid the foundations of the earth and hung the stars and moon. No, we simply reap the benefits if we only obey putting one foot in front of the other. We must be cautious, and not forget when we sit on our soft couch in our warm homes just who made it all possible. Good for us we have a really big note a.k.a. the Bible, so that we can read it and remember not just God’s promises which are faithful, but our own.

What Stands Out?

“In many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets;  but in these last days He has spoken to us by a Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom also He created the world.”  Hebrews 1:1

A meditative way to read and study the Bible is to go over a section several times, taking note of which verse of phrase stands out to you and then pondering it.  In the first Chapter of Hebrews, which Michele asked us to study along with her, this very first verse does it for me.

Isn’t it wonderful how God has been speaking to man all through human history?  Despite the original sin of Adam and Eve, God did not abandon or forget us.  He kept calling us back.  He does that in our individual lives as well.

This short reading also tells us, as Michele noted, that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies.  He is not just one in a line of prophets, He is the final prophet, God’s Son.  There is a new covenant which is in every way superior to the old one.  It also clearly establishes that Jesus is God. We’ll see more about these ideas as we progress through Hebrews.

Have you read the first Chapter yet?  What stands out for you?  What do you think God is saying?  Let us know through your comments or posts.