Brave Enough by Nicole Unice–Book Review

Are you brave enough to extend and receive grace?  True grace, not fake grace?

Are you brave enough to commit to practicing the spiritual disciplines of worship, study, prayer and fellowship?

Are you brave enough to resolve conflicts and offer forgiveness, even to yourself?

Are you brave enough to discover and use your own spiritual gifts?

Are you brave enough to accept your personal situation and limits?

Are you brave enough to rely on God daily, whatever your circumstances?

Author Nicole Unice leads her readers through these challenges of everyday life as a called woman of God.  Each section ends with a “brave enough pause” with ideas for reflection, prayer or journaling.  There is an appendix listing many Bible verses that will encourage each of us to be “brave enough.”.  The themes include:

  • God’s passion for us
  • God’s power and protection
  • God’s priorities
  • God’s promises
  • God’s provision

VERDICT:  5 Stars.  I enjoyed this book and would love to read it with a group of Christian friends.  The author really challenges women to understand and analyze themselves in the light of the Gospel message.  It was more than informative — it motivates and reminds us that everyone is “brave enough” to do what God asks.

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