Open My Eyes

“Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.”  Psalm 119:18

Think back to elementary school.  Two of the first words you learned to read were “look” and “see.”  They’re easy but important words.  If we really “look” at what’s around us, we see God through His creation.  You can’t look at the beauty, the design and the power of nature without marveling and realizing there must be a creator.

In the same way, we can look at people and see God’s work in their lives.  Somebody once said, “only God can make a bad man good.”  That’s true.  God changes lives, and when we look closely, we see that.  The apostle Paul changed;  Martin Luther changed;  no doubt you have changed as well.

If we open our eyes, we will see God’s presence in our worship service and in Holy Communion;  we will hear God speaking to us through the Scriptures and in all of history;  we will find God’s purpose for us in the world and society in which we live.

When we look with the eyes of faith, we will see amazing things.  So open your eyes and look, look, look!