Flashlight Night by Elisabeth Hasselbeck–Book Review

This children’s book is not only attractively illustrated and easy for youngsters to understand, it has a great idea for encouraging prayer and trust in God.  From what I understand, author Elisabeth Hasselbeck uses this method with her own children.

The mom in the story creates an entire blackboard wall.  On it, her two children write their prayers — the things they hope for and the things they’re worried about,   The examples given are completely realistic– here are some of them:

  • My big math test
  • That kid who makes me feel small
  • Our friend who is sick
  • The bike I want

On “flashlight night” mom and the kids go to the prayer wall, turn the lights off, and shine a flashlight on the prayers that have been answered.  When they come to an unanswered request, they turn the flashlight off. Through the process the children learn to share their concerns both with God and a parent.  They find that some prayers are answered quickly while others are not.  This helps them to keep waiting in the confidence that God does listen and respond — even when it’s dark.

There is a prayer and some Scripture verses at the end of the book.

VERDICT:  5 STARS.  This would be an excellent way for families with elementary aged children to share their prayer requests (it’s brave to share!).  It could also be adapted and used in a Sunday School setting.

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