The Blessing of Family

“Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table.”  Psalm 128:3

We had a family gathering this past weekend.  My eldest granddaughter, Katelyn, graduated from high school and wanted to have a party.  My younger daughter, Kate, and her new baby drove up from South Carolina. Hello Hailey #2 We all got together at my niece’s house because she has a pool.  There were between thirty and forty people there, most of whom are related to me.  I sat and talked with my two sisters and one of my brothers, and it felt really good to see them because we don’t get together often.  We laughed and told family stories, and caught up on how everyone was getting along.  I felt truly blessed to realize how many people I have who love me and would help me out in a pinch;  and how many people I have to love.

Yes, it’s true, families can be irritating.  We don’t always agree.  We see the same people and the same situations from completely different perspectives.  In a large family, it feels like someone is always in crisis, and we’ve had our share of health issues, addictions, job loss, grief and disappointment. Life isn’t easy for anyone;  but how wonderful it is that:

“God sets the lonely in families …” Psalm 68:6a

Today I’m giving thanks for mine.  Every last one of them.