Read Like a Lutheran 2018

I’ve published this program before, but in case you are a newer reader, or have forgotten, Concordia Publishing offers a Summer Reading program for Lutherans of all ages. The program started on May 26th and is over on August 5th.  Go to this link:

Then join in the challenge with reading lists for adults, teens, and younger children that feature the newest Christian fiction releases, Lutheran theology and history, Bible literacy books, music, and more.  You can register your whole household.  You receive 100 points per book on the CPH reading list and 50 points for any book not on the list. Each child receives a congratulations kit with a free book and other items when they accumulated 1000 points.  Each participants with 1000 points is also entered in a drawing to win additional prizes.

There are free brochures and posters you can download and print to inspire worthwhile reading at your church this summer.  Who knows, you may begin the healthy habit of reading like a Lutheran!


Read Like a Lutheran

This post is a not on our monthly topic, but since a number of followers have mentioned that they are looking for book recommendations, I thought I would mention a great resource I recently found browsing the web.  Concordia Publishing House has a summer reading program called “Read Like a Lutheran.”  You can sign up for different age levels (so if you have children the whole family can register).

The adult program has reading lists for different topics such as:  Lutheranism, Adult Spirituality, Biblical Literacy, Church History, Luther, etc.  If you want to read your own selections you can do that, too.  You earn points and when you get enough are entered into drawings for a variety of prizes.  You also get a $5 coupon toward a $20 purchase right away.

So, I hope you visit and have a great summer reading like a Lutheran!  Tell us how it works out for you!