Pure In Heart by J. Garrett Kell–Book Review

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Matthew 5:8

Author J. Garrett Kell connects this promise from the Beatitudes to the need for sexual purity, a sin he has struggled with himself. He uses real life examples to illustrate how both men and women are tempted and need help resisting the sorts of sin that our society not only tolerates, but often condones.

Pure in Heart

The first section of the book is entitled “The Promise of Purity” and deals with the basics — who God is, what He promises us, and why maintaining sexual purity is difficult. The second section, “Pathways to Purity“, offers strategies for pursuing purity and resisting temptation. The author emphasizes that there is no quick-fix– this is a lifelong process.

There is an appendix with discussion questions, so the book could easily be used in a small group setting. There is also a section with suggestions for those who need help with this issue right now. It would be a good resource for pastors to have on hand.

This book is basic and biblical. If you are familiar with the Scriptures there are no surprises. Like other sins, sexual temptations need to be faced and confessed. We should avoid or flee from situations that are problematic and seek support and prayer from Christian friends. Ultimately, we must rely upon the strength of God.

VERDICT: 3 STARS. While there is nothing wrong with this book, the examples given were addressed in a superficial way. I also believe that being “pure in heart” encompasses so much more than sexual purity.

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