New Month/No Theme

June will be a no theme month. God is always at work, and we can rely upon the Holy Spirit to lead us in the direction we are meant to go. For many, this is a season of vacation and rest. For some (especially those who love gardening) it is a busy time for outdoor activities. Maybe you will be going to the beach or the mountains. Maybe you’ll be hiking or picnicking or visiting family. My husband and I will be traveling a bit. The annual conference of our denomination is this month and will be held at our retreat center in Wisconsin. I am eager to see what topics will be discussed, and what spiritual insights will be gained. It is always a joy to worship with a large group of Christians, to sing and praise the Lord!

So, readers, enjoy the warmer weather and exercise your body, but don’t neglect your spiritual life. Vacation time does not mean a vacation from God, from church, or from brothers and sisters in Christ. Use this time wisely to grow closer to Him. He loves you and so do I!

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