the good life by Dr. Derwin L. Gray–Book Review

Everyone is looking for happiness.  Did you know that in 2008 four thousand books were written on this topic?  Yet, true happiness is elusive.  As author Derwin Gray puts it:

“Trying to find lasting happiness is like chasing your shadow;  what starts as childish fun erodes into adult frustration, failure and disappointment.”

In this book, subtitled What Jesus Teaches About Finding True Happiness, Dr. Gray takes an in depth look at the Beatitudes, which he sees as a description of how God’s people should live here on earth.  Jesus was inviting people to be happy by joining their lives to His and participating in His kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit.

“The deeper we immerse ourselves in Jesus and his kingdom, the more we are supernaturally sculpted into his image, and the happier we will become.”

True and lasting happiness is not about satisfying our every desire, or having only good things happen to us.  It’s about being good and becoming more and more like Christ.  It’s about being grounded in the eternal instead of the temporary.  This is living the good life.

Each chapter is followed by a prayer, reflection questions and a recap of the main points covered.  It could easily be used in a small group setting.  The Beatitudes are rich fodder for comparing our individual lives to the Christian ideal.  It will encourage reflection and self-examination.  You will ask yourself many Difficult Questions.

VERDICT:  4 STARS.  A study that is both readable and challenging.

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