Predestination — A Difficult Word!

This is an excerpt from a recent sermon my husband gave. I thought it would be helpful in explaining this word that is hard for most of us to grasp.

Now we come to an important and central doctrine of the Church which continues to confound and befuddle people because they think about it incorrectly. We must deal with the question of predestination–God’s election of those who will be saved based not on any deserving traits they have but on His good pleasure.

Before there was time, before there was creation, when there was only the Triume God, He knew that mankind would fall into sin and that sin would set up a barrier between the human and the Divine. He also knew that once this barrier was n place, no one would be saved unless He took the initiative for salvation. Now God could have determined to save everyone, but He did not. We don’t know why, nor should we attempt to find out because the reason is not open to human thought.

But God had created us to love us and for us to love Him and so, while not deigning to save everyone, He chose to save some. Because He is omniscient, in other words, because He knew everything, He knew in advance who would be saved and so He set in motion the entire process which leads to some being predestined to salvation. He chose to predestine some to believe in His saving grace through the work of the Christ in us. And those who are predestined will, without a doubt, come to saving faith in Christ.

To be continued tomorrow……