The First 600 Years

My husband, who is a pastor (retired now) and a church history buff will be teaching a new class through the Shepherd University Lifelong Learning program. In case you’re interested, here is a brief description of the course, which focuses on the early church:

Christianity grew from a few dozen people to be the state religion of the Roman Empire in less than 300 years. It was also preached and planted everywhere from Africa to India to western China to the cold winters of Russia before 600 CE. But, like all growth, pain is involved and there was much of that during the same period of growth. This class will explore those 600 years, looking into the growth, the crises, the debates and the people whose faith and work changed the world in their time.

This will be a six-week course, beginning on Wednesday, March 15th from 10:00-11:30 AM. It will be available via ZOOM, as well as on the Shepherd campus. There is a small fee ($60) for those who are not Gold Members of the continuing education program. (The teachers are all volunteers and are not paid).

If you would be interested in this class, you can visit:

or contact:

There will be a course preview of all the classes on Tuesday, March 1st from 5-7 PM.

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