For those who are mourning

Saint John Climacus

I’ve been going through some trials recently and most of times all I can do when I pray is crying. While looking for some resources on mourning I came across this beautiful saying of St. John Climacus who wrote steps for the “Ladder of divine ascent”. One of the steps is called “mourning” and he says:

“Greater than baptism itself is the fountain of tears after baptism, even though it is somewhat audacious to say so.  For baptism is the washing away of evils that were in us before, but sins committed after baptism are washed away by tears.  As baptism is received in infancy, we have all defiled it, but we cleanse it anew with tears.  And if God in His love for mankind had not given us tears, those being saved would be few indeed and hard to find.”

May our tears be shed at the feet of the cross and may it water our faith as well.


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