Praying for the AFLC

JOIN US starting today, for 21 Days of prayer as we focus our petitions to the Lord towards the ministry of The ARC

and also towards the upcoming

2016 AFLC Annual Conference!

Together, let us pray!

 The ARC is the Association Retreat Center where our denomination (AFLC) is holding their annual conference in June.

2 responses

  1. Several years ago I asked friends to share with others and myself their favorite Christian books and songs.The response consisted of a slim selection of older hymns. This desire had never left my thoughts and very strong at times …yes I am also a work in progress..
    Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord
    and he will give you the desires
    of your heart.
    Many times my thoughts are answered as if they were prayers.
    Lutheran Ladies Connection The Lord loves you and so do I
    Your prayer partner


    • Karen, I think of you as our cheerleader. Keep reading and commenting, we need your feedback.