A Beautiful Metaphor/Analogy/Simile

I’m still an English major at heart, and I love this short paragraph I came across in my recent reading. The author is using figures of speech creatively to compare human life and death to the life cycle of a leaf. Sometimes God saves the best part for the end.

“A leaf is a silent proverb. Did you ever consider that? When it buds on the tree, people rejoice. Throughout its prime, they love it for the shade it provides. But only when it reaches the end of its time on the tree does brilliance come through. Sometimes yellow, sometimes orange, sometimes deep read. Dazzling in its artistry, like a drop of sunset you can see at all hours of the day …A leaf has the most extraordinary death. There is so much beauty in it.”

From The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip by Sara Brunsvold

P.S. I’ll be reviewing the book in an upcoming post.

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