Can We Pick & Choose?

This is a continuation of my husband’s sermon on the Christian worldview.

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Decision theology has contributed to our troubles by focusing the theology taught in the Church less on God than it should and more on man.  This feeds the sinful desires of our hearts to be in charge of our lives, both in the world and eternally.  It teaches us to look not to God alone, but to ourselves.

Over the years this has translated into the widespread idea that we can pick and choose what bits of Scripture we want to believe and those which we don’t want to believe or accept as motivators in our lives.  It hits at the very center of our faith by undermining our belief in the sacred Scriptures where God reveals Himself and His plans to us.  So if the words bound together from Genesis to Revelation are not trustworthy and true in their entirety, then just what can we trust and what can we believe?  Instead of clinging to divine revelation, we cling to our own sinful selves, and that is dangerous.  Paul wrote to us, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Christ” and we have changed that phrase to “blessed be me, for I can decide what I believe and what I choose not to believe.”

As you and I go about our life, we must ask ourselves several questions.  First do I know what the Bible teaches about faith and life sufficiently well for it to guide me in all I say and do?  Frankly, I suspect few can say “yes” to that question because they have not taken the time or made the effort to study the Scriptures.  They don’t go to Bible studies or Sunday School, they don’t read their Bibles in a deep way which leads to a firm grasp of its teaching.  We need to understand the whole counsel of God, not just some parts of it.

Second, am I willing to stand out in the world as someone who does not seem to belong here?  We are citizens of another land, where there is no illness, death, or weakness, only joy and peace eternal.  And that should make us seem unusual, maybe even a bit foolish.

The third question we must ask ourselves is what do I have to change in my life so that I an be counted as one who lives the way God wants me to live, who thinks the way God wants me to think, and who is truly a disciple.

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