How High is Heaven by Linsey Davis–Book Review

Children have lots of questions when someone they love dies. In this book, a little boy wonders how to get to heaven where his grandmother now lives. Can he get there by building a staircase, by jumping, by flying, in a hot air balloon, on a plane? Finally in church he learns that there is a way to get to heaven, but it’s not about travel or anything else we can do. It’s a gift that comes through grace and faith.

The illustrations are colorful and attractive, and the bouncy rhymes make it fun to read. It will also help parents to discussing death and heaven with young children.

I did have a few theological concerns. At one point, the author says that heaven “will be our reward.” Of course, as Lutherans, we know we don’t deserve a reward! Heaven is about getting what we don’t deserve. It also implies that grandma is “watching over me.” There’s no biblical basis for believing this and I personally wouldn’t teach it, even to children.


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The Lutheran Ladies received a free e-copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review. Disclaimer pursuant to FTC 16 CPR 255.

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