Study Resources for Ladies

Since we have no set topic this month, I thought I would post about the Bible Study resources available for women through the WMF (Women’s Missionary Federation).  Every year this group publishes a Bible Study written by a woman of the Association of Free Lutheran Churches.  Each study has 11 lessons, intended to be used at monthly women’s meetings within the congregation.  Of course, the studies could be used by other small groups or individuals as well.  Writers are not paid for their work, and proceeds go toward the printing of the studies and the WMF projects — missionaries and education.

Click on “WMF” on the header of our blog to go to the website, then choose resources to see what studies are available.  I was privileged to write this year’s study on the book of Acts.



5 thoughts on “Study Resources for Ladies

  1. Joan,
    The Lessons In Acts will be a great resource in helping me to grow in my faith and walk with Christ.
    You have acknowledged and are sharing your gift wisely. 1 Corinthians 12/ Spiritual Gifts

    I am like a hungry child and you and the ladies from the blog help provide the nourishment for my spiritual growth in the study of the Bible.

    Thank you
    Prayer partner,


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