Amahl and the Night Visitors

This one act opera was written specifically for TV in 1951 and was the first Christmas special to be shown annually.  My husband and I remembered it from our youth and were eager to see it with our children years ago when a local church began staging it yearly.  Children love it — it has funny moments, beautiful costumes and a main character (Amahl, the little shepherd boy) with whom they can identify.  I thought I’d include one of the songs here on the blog.


2 thoughts on “Amahl and the Night Visitors

  1. Joan-
    Curious about your previous e-mail I looked it up on u tube. This beautiful song jogged my memory and I remember seeing it performed at a local church. The audience mostly consisted of family members of the performers. There would be less stress and better attendance if our communities didn’t schedule all the holiday events on the same few weekends. While scheduling church events for the new year give consideration to changing their dates. We may get a better turnout. Please keep this in your prayers.
    Prayer partner


    • I am in complete agreement, Karen. My prayers are with you, and all our churches as we try to balance all the activities we would like to do, and try to Christmas a prayerful instead of stressful time!


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